2020 Richard T. Gosser Scholarship Golf Outing


It is unfortunate due to the COVID-19 pandemic the Richard T. Gosser Scholarship Officers have concluded that the Ohio and Indiana golf outing fundraisers for 2020 will need to be cancelled. This decision was made with a heavy heart, but due to restrictions and safety considerations for the golfers and everyone involved they had no choice. 

Sadly, the golf outings are the only fundraisers for the Scholarship fund, therefore please consider making a donation as a “Continuing Supporter” to the Richard T. Gosser Scholarship Program. 

The Gosser Scholarship Continuing Supporter Recognition Program was established in May 2012. The program was designed to maintain the strength of the Gosser Scholarship Program and to recognize Local Unions, C.A.P. Councils, Retired Worker Chapters, or individual voluntary contributors. 

Additionally, any Local Union wishing to make additional voluntary contributions to the Program will be recognized as follows:

Associate - $.25 cents per member

Baccalaureate - $.35 cents per member

Master’s - $.45 cents per member 

Please consider making a contribution to the Program with the loss of funds from cancelling the golf outings. 

Stay safe and healthy.