The January-February Edition of Solidarity Magazine is now online!

The latest issue of Solidarity magazine is now online!

In this issue, Solidarity takes a look at some of the critical issues ahead of the 2018 midterm elections. From fighting the never-ending attacks on the Affordable Care Act to workers; rights, immigration, investing in our infrastructure and fair trade, we need lawmaker who understand Main Street concerns.

Did you know the UAW represents post-doctoral researchers at the University of Washington? They are making the connection between the labor movement and saving our planet from global warming.

White Shirt Day, the day when we mark the end of the Flint Sit-Down Strike more than eight decades ago, is upon us. A UAW worker at General Motors with family connections to the Flint strikers gives his impressions on what it means today.

Our spotlight on standing committees takes a look at the Citizenship and Legislative committees, also known as CAP. Local 3000 in Flat Rock, Michigan, knows what it takes to keep members informed and engaged in the political process.

And much more! Read the latest issue, here >>>