UAW President Dennis Williams Announces BuildBuyUSA Contest to Launch March 7

American consumers can make a difference for working men and women when they buy products made right here in the United States, UAW President Dennis Williams told CAP delegates Sunday night.

The UAW’s BuildBuyUSA Program will launch a video contest as an innovative way to create fun and excitement to supporting goods manufactured here because “we have economic power as working men and women in this country,” Williams said.

The program will launch on March 7 with more details to be released soon.

“We believe things change by the power of the wallet,” said Williams.

The BuildBuyUSA video contest, said Williams, is a way for consumers and artists across the country to get involved the BuildBuyUSA movement, which promotes the idea that by manufacturing goods in the United States and spending our consumer dollars on those goods, we strengthen our communities from the ground up.

BuildBuyUSA ( promotes the value and importance of a strong manufacturing base to our economic future and the key role consumers can play. By spending our dollars on items made domestically, consumers can encourage a resurgence of well-paying manufacturing jobs in the United States. Through education and advocacy, BuildBuy emphasizes the importance of building here and the impact buying here will have on our country. The UAW has partnered with Labor 411, the nation’s No. 1 guide to union made goods and services, for the BuildBuyUSA program.