Find money you didn't know you have

There are two very useful websites that can help Americans find $33 billion in unclaimed cash. and They're linked up to the state treasury departments across the country that track unclaimed money. Examples of unclaimed money can be old bank accounts you forgot about; stock dividends; insurance refunds; annuities, customer overpayments, and more.

You search your name and the states you've lived in. If your nameppears, you'll need to fill out a form with more personal information, including your social security number, and send in your claim to receive the cash. It varies from state to state, but you should receive your money within a few weeks.

There were a lot of great feedback, with people finding dollar amounts both big and small.

One Facebook page, Melissa writes, "$10 dollars for me. LOL. A couple of family members found money also. Thanks for the website."

And on our website, we received the comment, "I just found $370! Thanks !"

It's your money ... Claim it !