Statement by UAW President Rory L. Gamble on President Biden’s Commitment and Executive Order to Strengthen Buy America Provisions

DETROIT - With the stroke of a pen, President Joe Biden today sent a strong message to American workers that our government will do all it can to support buying American products, made here by American workers, recommitting to the men and women of working America. Through today’s order, the Biden Administration commits the vast power of the U.S. government to U.S. citizen made products.

Joe Biden throughout his career has understood that the dignity of a job is fundamental to American families. Now UAW families, friends and our communities, must also do our part and make a conscious effort to invest in our neighbors and buy American and union-made products.  The working men and women of this country are the backbone of America. They are, and always have been, fundamental to our nation’s future and economic wellbeing. Today’s action is a powerful statement of solidarity with our hard-working brothers and sisters.

The UAW provides a guide for the products made by UAW members at UAW Made | UAW.