To: Presidents, Vice Presidents, Financial Secretaries, and Recording Secretaries of all UAW Local Unions Dear

Brothers and Sisters:

Herein is the CALL to the forthcoming UAW National Skilled Trades Conference scheduled for April 30-May 2, 2019 at Bally’s Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Contained in the CALL, are Registration Forms, Bulletin Board Notice, Councils Meeting list, Travel Information, etc. It is important that the registration forms are filled out completely. Registration forms should be returned to the Skilled Trades Department (Attn: Michelle Best) and housing shall be handled as outlined in the CALL.

To assure that the delegates are housed properly, it is imperative that when calling for hotel reservations you must indicate a single or double room. If a double room is needed, please indicate whether both delegates sharing the room are members of your local union.

We look forward to a very successful conference and hope to see you there.

Click on the link below for complete call to the National Skilled Trades Conference