Retiree Meeting Requests for The Medical Trust (VEBA)

A new procedure to request insurance carrier vendor speakers at Retired Worker Chapter meetings has been announced and is effective immediately.

The change is instituted to handle the requests by the most cost effective and geographically wise means possible, and to meet the needs of the retirees covered by the trust. Additional staff have been added to the trust to accomplish this goal.

Attached here you will find three (3) documents explaining the change in procedure and the request form itself. The Chairman of the Retired Worker Chapter can complete this process with Bill Bowers, the Chairman of Region 2-B Retired Workers or contact the Regional office for assistance (419) 893-4677.

This form may also be used to request speakers for explanations of Medicare, Explanation of Benefit forms (EOB) and other relevant topics.

Thank you for your cooperation and patience with this change.

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