Juneteenth message from UAW President Rory L. Gamble

The observance of Juneteenth is recognition of a profound milestone in our nation’s history. And while our struggles for equality in the United States have been long and difficult and sometimes fraught with setbacks and terrible loss, today we reflect on how far we, as Americans, have come in this journey. There is still much more to do my brothers and sisters, but I am heartened by what we have accomplished and the outpouring of support and activism we have seen this past year from coast to coast, from black, brown and white, demanding that our nation finally make good on the promise of real equality across this land.

On behalf of the International Executive Board, I would like us all to take some time today to reflect in our own way on what the observance of Juneteenth truly means to all of us and to this nation of ours. We are all Americans and we are much stronger united than divided. I leave you with this thought.

God Bless.

Rory L. Gamble