Article I            Name                                                                                

Article Il           Membership                                                                   

Article Ill          Powers of Administration                                              

Article IV          Local Union Officers                                                       

Article V           Duties of Officers                                                            

Article VI          Expenditures                                                                    

Article Vll         Nominations & Elections of Officers                            

Article Vlll        Local Union Executive Board                                         

Article IX          Initiation Feeds & Dues                                                   

Article X           Eligibility & Responsibilities of Shop Stewards           

Article Xl          Strikes                                                                                

Article Xll         Appeals                                                                              

Article Xlll        Trial of Members                                                             

Article XIV        Local Union & Unit Meetings                                        

Article XV         Order of Business                                                          

Article XVI         Contracts & Negotiations                                            

Article XVII       Local Union Committees                                               

Article XVlll      General                                                                             

Article XIX        Death Memorial                                                         

Article XX         Leases & Long-Term Agreements                             

Article XXI        Local 2021 Union Hall                                                  

Article XXII       By Law Changes & Amendments                                



The name of this Local Union shall be Local 2021, International Union, United Automobile, Aerospace and Agricultural Implement Workers of America, U.A.W.

The Constitution of this organization shall be the Constitution of the International Union, U.A.W.

and these By-Laws shall be in all respects subordinate to said Constitution and Applications and Interpretations thereof.


SECTION I. The Local Union shall be composed of workers eligible for membership in the International Union, United Automobile, Aerospace, and Agricultural Workers of America, (U.A.W.) and over whom the Local Union is granted jurisdiction by the International Union.

SECTION 2. Eligibility for acceptance into the Local Union shall be governed as set forth in Article

VI, Section 2 of the International Constitution.

SECTION 3. A membership card shall be provided and given to each member.

SECTION 4. It shall be the duty of each member to conscientiously seek to understand and exemplify by practice the intent and purpose of their obligation as a member of the Local Union and the International Union.

SECTION 5. It shall be the duty of each member to participate in all Local, State and Federal Elections through registrations and balloting.

SECTION 6. Any member who attends a meeting in an intoxicated condition from alcohol or drugs and creates a disturbance shall lose voice and their right to vote at said meeting. When necessary to maintain order, the member may be evicted from the meeting by order of the President subject to the challenge of the member. Flagrant or persistent violation of this section by any member shall be considered conduct unbecoming of a Union member.

SECTION 7. Each member in good standing of this Local Union has the right to nominate and vote, to express opinions on all subjects before the Local Union, to attend all meetings and express views, arguments and opinions on all matters and business. These rights shall at all times be subject to the rules of procedures governing meetings. A member while exercising these rights and privileges shall not take any irresponsible action that may jeopardize, destroy or be detrimental to, either the Local Union or the International Union.

SECTION 9-8. Each member of the Local Union does hereby irrevocably designate, authorize and empower the International Union, and their Local Union to exclusively appear and act for them on their behalf before any board, court, committee or any other tribunal in matters affecting their status as an employee, as a member of their Local Union or the International Union. And to exclusively act as their agent to represent and settle all grievances, complaints, or disputes of any kind or character arising out of the employer-employee relationship, to all intents and purposes, as fully as they might or could personally permit and present themselves.




           SECTION 1. The highest authority of the Local Union shall be vested in the general membership meeting to be called at least once a month.

SECTION 2. Between membership meetings, the Executive Board shall be the highest authority of the Local Union and shall be empowered to act on behalf of the membership to the extent urgent business requires prompt and decisive action, subject to subsequent membership approval.

SECTION 3. Between the meetings of the Executive Board, the administration authority of the Local shall be vested in the President of the Local, subject to the approval of the Executive Board and the general membership.


SECTION 1. The Local Union shall have the following Executive Officers: President, Vice

President, Recording Secretary, Financial Secretary, three Trustees, Sergeant-at -Arms, and Guide.

SECTION 2. The Election of Local Union and Unit Officers shall take place in June. The term of office shall be three (3) years. Officers shall continue their duties until the newly elected officers have been sworn in.

SECTION 3. Financial Officers (including the President) of this Local Union shall be bonded by such methods and agencies as the International Executive Board may determine.

SECTION 4. All vacancies in a Local Union office, except the office of President, shall be promptly filled by election, provided that the Local Executive Board may make a temporary appointment for the period pending the holding of the elections, in the case of a vacancy for the unexpired term.

SECTION 5. When a vacancy occurs sixty (60) days or less, prior to the date upon which the regular elections are to be held, no election shall take place to fill the vacancy. Said vacancy may be filled by the President with the approval of the Executive Board or it can remain vacant until filled at the following general Local Union Election.

SECTION 6. All elected Officers of the Union shall have taken or must take the next available Grievance Training and Union Awareness Classes put forth by the Local Education Committee, Regional or International Councils or equivalent.

SECTION 7. No Officers have the authority to postpone/cancel Monthly Membership meetings beyond the end of their elected term.


SECTION 1. The duties of the Local Union Officers shall be as provided by the Constitution of the International Union, and such others as are described by the By-Laws, but shall not be inconsistent with said International Constitution.

SECTION 2. All elected Officers, Committee persons and Stewards shall attend a minimum of 8 general membership meetings a year without missing more than 2 consecutive meetings in a row unless advance notice of absence is given, except in case of an emergency. Failure to comply with the above by any person holding an elected office, unless excused by the Executive Board or Unit

Bargaining Committee, will result in immediate removal from office. Any person affected by the above will not be able to run for office until the next regular election.

Section 3.  Executive Board shall have the authority to direct payment of all ordinary and expenses of the Local Union.

SECTION 4. Special meetings may be called at the direction of the President, or of a majorrty of the Executive Board.

SECTION 5. Minutes shall be taken at all Executive Board meetings by the Recording Secret—v

SECTION 6. All recommendations of the Executive Board shall be referred to the next reeu!ar meeting.

Section 7. The top four (4) offcers of the Local Union shall attend CAP meetings.



SECTION 1. All Local Union members when traveling on authorized Union business for the Loczi Union, shall be allowed good transportation by the shortest route to and from their destination.

(A) Airline transportation will be paid at coach rate or Federal guidelines per mile, whichever is more economical.

(B)  Hotel accommodations will be paid at the room occupancy rate or h of double rate if shared with another union member.

(C)  When staying overnight the member shall be paid expenses per UAW International Union current rates. Funds will be made available before departure. The member upon valid receipt will be reimbursed for parking lot fees and limo or taxi expenses.

(D) The Local Union Executive Board or membership may authorize additional expenses for conventions or other union affairs if additional expenses are necessary.

SECTION 2. When necessary for a member to use their car for authorized Local business, theyshall be paid mileage according to federal guidelines.

(A) By accepting mileage you may be required to transport up to four (4) members.

SECTION 3. The Local Union shall pay a representative or member lost time only when that representative or member is performing necessary duties for and on behalf of the Local Union or unit during a time for which they would have otherwise be compensated by the employer; however, no member of the Local Union or Unit shall be paid for lost time from work if reasonable and proper provisions can be made to avoid such lost time. Lost time shall be paid for actual time lost from •n, not to exceed twelve (12) hours per day or forty-eight (48) hours per week. The Financial Secretary shall have a copy of any twelve (12) hour shift schedules.

SECTION 4. If an officer or delegate attends a meeting on a non-overnight trip of at least one hundred (100) miles from their worksite, they will be paid incidental expenses per UAW International Union current rates.

5. President of the Local Union shall be paid an expenditure of one-hundred dollars ($100.00) and up to sixteen (16) hours of lost time per month if necessary. The Vice—President shall be paid an expenditure of seventy-five dollars ($75) and eight (8) hours of lost time per month if necessary. The Financial Secretary shall be paid an expenditure of five-hundred and twenty-five dollars ($525) and take up to thirty-two (32) hours of lost time per month. If necessary an additional eight (8) hours of lost time may be taken per month with approval of the Local Executive Board. three (3) days paid leave a year to prepare year-end taxes and two (2) days paid leave to attend semi-annual audits. The Recording Secretary shall be paid an expenditure of seventy-five dollars ($75) and take up to eight (8) hours of lost time per month if necessary. The Chairperson from each unit shall be paid an expenditure of one-hundred and twenty-five dollars ($125) per month. The Vice-Chairpersons and committee persons-at-large from each unit shall be paid an expenditure of seventy-five dollars ($75) per month. Shift Stewards, Sergeant-At-Arms and Guide shall be paid an expenditure of twenty-five dollars ($25) per month. The top four officers of the Local shall be paid lost time, if necessary to attend CAP meetings.

SECTION 6. The three Trustees will be given one (1) day paid leave every six (6) months to audit books. When auditing is done, jobs must be rotated each time and trustees will be paid expense money at the lunch rate.

SECTION 7. When membership meetings are scheduled for Mandated/ Normally Scheduled work days the four (4) top officers of the Local and the members of the Bargaining Committee shall be paid actual lost time.

SECTION 8. The Financial Secretary-Treasurer shall draw checks only on authority of proper vouchers, which shall be furnished by the Local Union.

SECTION 9. All checks drawn on Local Union funds shall be signed by the Financial Secretary and countersigned by the President of the Local.

SECTION 10. All vouchers of Local 2021 properly made out and turned in for payment shall not remain in the possession of the Financial Secretary for a period of more than 2 (two) weeks without being duly processed.

SECTION 11. All expenditures shall be properly accounted for and entered upon the books of the

Local Union in accordance with the provisions of the International Constitution and these By-Laws.

Section 12. A Local Union Financial Report must be presented for approval at each regular meeting of the Local Membership. A copy may be made available to the following: each Bargaining Unit Chairperson, International Representative, and Local Union President and all members. One copy shall be placed in the Trustees file.

SECTION 13. Lost time shall be properly submitted on forms provided by the Local Union to the Financial Secretary before payment can be made.

SECTION 14. Dues received by the Local Union shall be distributed according to Article 16 of the International Constitution and the By-Laws of this Local Union.

(A) Per Capita disbursements to Local 2021 and affiliates.

  1. 3% of dues shall be remitted to Region 2-B voluntary exchange.
  2. Forty cents ($.40) of Local Union Dues shall be set aside for the benefits of the Local Union Recreation Fund.
  3. Five cents ($.05) of Local Union Dues shall be set aside for the benefit of the Local Unions Education Fund.
  4. Five cents ($.05) of each month's dues payment shall be set aside by the Local Union as a Retired Members Fund.
  5. The Local Union shall set aside in each Units Fund, twenty cents ($.20) per month per dues paying member.

SECTION 15. Each Committee and Chaplaincy, is permitted to have their own fund.



SECTION I. Any member shall be eligible as nominee and candidate for an executive office of the Local Union who has been a member in continuous good standing in the Local Union for one (I) year immediately prior to the nomination. They must conform to Article 38 section 3 of The International Constitution.

SECTION 2. Any member shall be eligible as a nominee and a candidate for any other than an executive office, such as steward, committeeperson, or member of any committee, etc., who has been a member in good standing in the Local Union for a period of six (6) months prior to the nomination. They must conform to Section 4 Article 38 to the International Constitution.


(A) Any member in good standing may nominate any eligible member for office. Nominations shall be held at a General Membership Meeting of the Local and shall be made from the floor. The membership shall be duly notified at least seven (7) days in advance of the time and place of the nominations, and at least ten (10) days shall elapse between the time of nominations and the date the election shall take place.

(B) Any member nominated for office may take three (3) working days from the date of notification of nomination to accept or decline the nomination and then must contact the Election Committee with their decision. Declination and or acceptance must be made in writing to the Election Committee.

(C) After the deadline on accepting nominations has expired no election of so-called "sticker" or "write-in" candidates shall be considered Ilegal.

SECTION 4. No member shall be permitted to run for more than one Executive Office in any one election.

SECTION 5. All Local Union elections shall be by secret ballot. The Election Committee shall supervise the election, distribute the ballots, conduct the counting and tabulating ot the same in accordance with these By-Laws and International Constitution governing elections as may be applicable, and shall, in accordance with the International Constitution and these By-taws, preserve these ballots and certify the results of elections.

SECTION 6. Every Member in good standing shall be entitled to vote at all Local Union Elections.

SECTION 7. Any eligible candidate in any election shall have the right to submit their commonly known name to the Election Committee in writing as they desire it to appear on the ballot, and it shall so appear.

SECTION 8. The Election Committee of three (3) members shall be nominated at the first regular membership meeting in March in a triennial election year with the election the first meeting in April and the runoff the first meeting in May if needed.

 (A)   All expenses (mileage, actual lost time, expense money) shall be paid to the election committee from the general fund when an election is needed.

(B)    The Election Committee shall also be paid mileage, actual lost time, and expense money to do mailings required for the triennial and Constitutional Convention elections.

SECTION 9. The Election Committee shall place the names of the candidates for office on the ballot in alphabetical order by surname.

SECTION 10. The Election Committee shall have complete charge of all elections. It shall be responsible only to the Local Union. They shall be governed by the International Constitution, the Local By-Laws, as instructed by the membership at the general membership meeting, held prior to the election.

SECTION 11. No candidate in any election shall be a member of the Election Committee having supervision over such election.

SECTION 12. The nominee (or nominees, where more than one is to be elected) for executive office, receiving the majority of votes cast for the office (more than 50%) shall be declared elected.

SECTION 13. When none of the candidates receive more than fifty percent (50%) of the votes cast there shall be a run-off election between the two candidates who received the highest number of votes for the respective office. The date of the run-off election may be set by the Election Committee, but in no case shall such run-off election be held later than three (3) weeks from the date of the original election, and no less than one (1) week. All other majority vote is needed for executive officers and a plurality is needed for all other officers and stewards.

SECTION 14. The Election Committee shall be in charge of all ballots.

SECTION 15. Each candidate shall have the right to have one (I) challenger present when the votes are cast and when they are tabulated provided that such challenger shall be a member of the Local Union. Any ballot, which clearly indicates the intention of the voter, shall be considered valid.

Provided, however, that where the ballot bears an identification mark, the ballot shall be void.

SECTION 16. Any voter spoiling their ballot shall return it to the Election Committee and be issued a new ballot.

SECTION 17. Voters who have cast their ballot shall not be allowed to loiter in the voting place.

SECTION 18. Any voter in the line at the polls at the time of closing will be permitted to vote.

SECTION 19. Campaigning, posters and election literature shall not be allowed in the voting place. The Election Committee shall police the polls to see that all of the rules governing the election are enforced. Any and all members of the Local Union shall give aid if so requested by any member of the Election Committee.

SECTION 20. Any candidate shall have the right to petition for a recount. Petitions must be filed in writing within forty-eight (48) hours after the results of the election are posted. The petition must set forth briefly the reasons for seeking a recount.

SECTION 21. Copies of election regulations shall be placed in a prominent place and members of the Election Committee shall make themselves acquainted with the same.

SECTION 22. Any member of the Election Committee, or any member of the Local Union, violating election rules, shall be reported to the next general membership meeting.


SECTION 23. Any member convicted of misrepresenting election results, altering, mutilating or destroying deposited ballots, voting fraudulently or of intimidating others by threats or otherwise interfering with members in the exercise of their rights to cast their ballot in Local Union elections and strike balloting, shall be punished in accordance with the trial procedure outlined in the International Constitution. In no case shall the penalty be less than a fine of ten dollars ($10.00) and the member so convicted shall be disqualified from either elected or appointed office within the jurisdiction of the International Union for a period of no less than three (3) years or more than 5 years.

SECTION 24. All ballots must be held for one (1) year and may be destroyed one (1) year after the close of election, unless there is an appeal, and then the ballots will be preserved indefinitely until the appeal is resolved.


SECTION 1. The Local Union Executive Board shall consist of all officers of the Local, Bargaining Unit Chairperson, Bargaining Unit Vice Chairperson and the elected member From the Retiree Chapter.

SECTION 2. No alternates may be appointed for the Executive Board Members. When a vacancy occurs in the office of Financial Secretary, the Chairperson of Trustees may be designated to fill in, the vacancy shall be promptly filled by election. The procedure for such an election shall be the same as that provided herein for the elections to fill vacancies in Local Union Executive Offices.

SECTION 3. A simple majority of the Local Union Executive Board shall constitute a quorum.


SECTION 1. The initiation fees and reinstatement fees shall be twenty dollars ($20.00). Dues shall be levied in conformance with the International Constitution. One dollar ($1.00) of each initiation fee shall be forwarded to the international Secretary-Treasurer, five ($5.00) to the New Member Orientation Fund and the remaining to the General Fund.

SECTION 2. Any member who has not worked forty (40) hours or received the equivalent to forty (40) hours pay within any calendar month shall be entitled to an "out of work" receipt. Vacation and Holiday pay shall be computed as enumerated.

SECTION 3. The issuance of "out of work" pay receipt shall be set forth in Article 16 of the International Constitution.



Section 1.  In order to be eligible as a candidate for office the candidate must be a member in good standing within the local union for a period of six months immediately preceding the date of nominations and must comply with article 7 Section 2 of the local union bylaws

Section 2. Members of each shift shall democratically elect stewards for a period of three years

Section 3. A steward or committee persons may be recalled by the members they represent for failure to perform the duties of their office.

Section 4. A vote on the question of recalling a steward or committee person may be initiated by a petition setting forth the reasons why the recall is sought and signed by at least 25% of the current members working under jurisdiction of the steward and or committee person.

Section 5. 25% of the current members working under jurisdiction of the steward and or committee person must be present at the recall meeting to establish a quorum.

Section 6. A 2/3 vote of those present and voting is necessary to recall

Section 7. When a vacancy occurs in any of the shift steward positions the chairperson of the unit will appoint a member to fill the vacancy with the approval of the simple majority of the bargaining committee until the election is held.

Section 8. The duties of the shop steward shall be among others to include the following:

(A) to become completely familiar with all the provisions of the collective bargaining agreement and to thoroughly investigate all grievances.

(B) To receive complaints or grievances of their department or group and to make every effort in the conformity with the grievance machinery to satisfactorily adjust and settle all grievances.

(C) To carry out all duties as prescribed by the International Union the local union bylaws and to abide by the decisions of the general membership the unit bargaining committee and the members they represent.

(D) to attend all regular meetings of the bargaining unit and this local union.



Section 1. All strikes shall be called or terminated and strict conformance with article 50 of the international constitution.

Section 2. A strike committee shall be established, it shall consist of duly elected bargaining committee officers and members as may be designated by the unit.

Section 3. the election committee shall be in complete charge of all balloting and connection with strike action.




SECTION 1. Any members of this Local shall have the right of appeal as set forth in Article 33 of the International Constitution.

SECTION 2. Any member of the Local Union may then appeal any action, decision, or penalty to the International Executive Board and the International Convention. However: the decision of the Local Union must be complied with and remain in effect until reversed or modified.

SECTION 3. In no case shall a member appeal to the Civil Court until they have fully exhausted their rights of appeal under the laws of the International Union and the By-Laws of this Union. Any violations thereof shall be cause for summary suspension or expulsion by the International Executive Board.


SECTION 1. Charges against a member or members and their trials shall be conducted in conformance with Article 31 of the International Constitution.



(A)  Local Membership Meetings shall be held at least once each month on the third Sunday at 2:00 p.m at Local 2021 's Union Hall 1675 N Union St. Fostoria, OH, 44830. Unit meetings will be held following the Local meeting.

(B) Special meetings may be called by the President or Bargaining Committee Chairperson by posting such notice in the plants at least twenty-four (24) hours in advance of such meeting. These notices will be posted in a conspicuous place for all members to observe.

SECTION 2. Any two (2) Non-Executive Board members in attendance at a regular or special called Local meeting will constitute a quorum. Any two (2) Non-Committee Unit members in attendance at a regular or special called Unit meeting will constitute a quorum.

SECTION 3. When Sunday is scheduled, the Local or Unit meetings may be held the next week. Split meetings shall be conducted to accommodate memberships work schedules.


SECTION 1. The following shall be the order of business at the Local Membership meetings.

(1)   Call to order

(2)   Pledge of allegiance (participation optional)

(3)   Roll call of officers

(4)   Reading of minutes of previous meeting

(5)   Financial Report

(6)   Correspondence

 (7)  Reports

(8)   Old business

(9)   New business

(10) Adjournment


SECTION 1. Negotiations and approval of contracts shall be conducted as set forth in the International Constitution.

SECTION 2. All contracts and/or supplements of amendments negotiated by the Unit Bargaining Committee shall, Before becoming effective, be approved by the Regional Director of the International Union.

SECTION 3. AlI expenses (mileage, actual lost time to prepare, expense money, etc.) of negotiating a contract shall be paid from the general fund.


SECTION 1. The Local Union shall have the following standing committees: Constitution and By-Laws, Union Label, Education, Conservation and Recreation, Veterans, Community Service, Civil and Human Rights, Citizenship and Legislative (CAP), Consumer Affairs, Women's, Organizing and Recovery and such other committees as they deem necessary.

(A) All of the abovementioned committees will be appointed by the President and subject to the approval of the membership. Each committee will elect a chairperson and a secretary.


(1) Constitution and By-Laws Committee: Their duties shall include the following:

(A) To be completely familiar with the Constitution of the International Union and these By-Laws.

(B)  To ascertain whether or not the provisions of all Articles are strictly adhered to.

(C)  To make a study ofthe Constitution of the International Union after each

International Constituäonal Convention, to ascertain whether or not any changes are to be made in these By-Laws or the policy of the Local. To make a report at the following Membership meeting.

(2) Union Label Committee: Their duties shall include the following:

(A)  To promote the purchase of Union made goods and merchandise by members of the Local and to keep informed as to Union made merchandise. It shall obtain whatever information is available from the International Union U.A.W.

(B)  To make available to every member of this Local Union through their respective Committee and Steward, the Badge of the U.A.W.

Education Committee: Their duties shall include the following:

(A) To arrange and take charge of the Educational meetings/classes

(B)  To keep the general Membership, but mainly the Committee persons and Stewards,


constantly informed of the changes in the policy of the International Union, and the


Local Union, through the Educational Meeting.

(C) To coordinate Educational and Cultural activities which further promote the principles of the International Union and the Labor Movement in general.

(4) Conservation and Recreation Committee: Their duties shall include the following:


(A)  To supervise and direct the Recreation and Conservation activities of the Local Union.

(B)  To carry on activities generally desired by the membership and their families.

(C)  To provide for and be in charge of social functions and entertainment.

(D) Attend Conservation meetings according to area C.A.P. Council By-Laws.

SECTION 1. Only members in good standing shall be permitted to participate in any

Recreational activities played under the insignia of the Local Union, as far as is practical. (A) The committee will not pay entrance fees of any kind.


(B)  The committee shall not spend any money whatsoever without the approval of the Executive Board and Membership.

(C)  The committee shall present a budget at the regular Membership meeting for the programs planned for the fiscal year ahead.

charge of the Educational Meetings/Classes

(5) Veterans Committee: Their duties shall include the following:

(A)  Represont the interest of all active and retired UAW Veterans and their families.

(B)  Advocate for the political and social concerns of Veterans.

(C ) Promote fellowship among veteran members

(D) Educate the membership on issues veteran members face.



Community Services: Their duties shall include the following:

(A)  To receive and investigate all reported cases of sickness, illness, or distress among members of the Local Union. To make a report to the Executive Board relative to the state or condition of affairs of the Member in need.

(B)   To provide resources to members and assist when an emergency, natural disaster or hard time arises.

(C)   To cooperate with the Strike Committee while a strike is in progress.

(D)  In times of Strike, this committee is to handle Strike Insurance Benefits.

(E) To serve as their Unions Link to the Community to help those in need.

(7) Civil and Human Rights: Their duties shall include the following:

(A)  To devise ways and means to effectuate, on the Local Union level, the policy of the International Union prohibiting discrimination against any Member because of their religion, race, creed, color, sex, political affiliation or nationality, age, disability, marital status or sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.

(B)  To investigate and take effective action, through the Local Union of the alleged violations according to the International Unions policy.

(C)  Work towards the elimination of all discrimination in the workplace and community.

(D) Ability to form one or more caucus(es). Each one shall be specialized to help protect the rights of marginalized communities.

(8)      Citizenship and Legislative committee (CAP): Their duties shall include the following:

(A)   Attend Area CAP meetings.

(B)    Participte in all local, state and federal elections through registration and balloting.

(C) Assist members in voter registration

(D) Promote candidates that supportprotecting workers rights, health and safety and fair trade.

(9)      Consumer Affairs Committee: Their duties shall include thefollowing:

(A) Educating members on scams, unfair lending practices and other consumer fraud.

(10)  Women's Committee: Their duties shall include the following:

(A)  To educate the woman of the local union of labor's position on local, state and national laws regarding women's issues.

(B)  To discuss problems facing women employees in the workplace with the local union leadership.

(C ) To participate in community service events geared towards women, children and families.

(11)  Oganizing Committee: Their duties shall include the following:

(A)  Meeting with Organizer leadership to educate the commiffee on the laws and regulations surrounding Organizing of new shops.

(B)   Distribute union literature, buttons or other insignia, and educate non-union shop workers on their rights to unionize.

(12) Recovery Committee: Their duties shall include the following:

(A)  Provide support for those in or entering recovery.

(B)   Promote an anti-drug environment and lifestyle within the union and community

(C)   provide a link between members to community outreach programs designed to help those battling addiction.

(D)  Including but not limited to alcohol, gambling, illicit drug use, etc.

article xviii

SECTION 1. Delegates to the Intemational Convention shall be elected in conformity with Article 8 of the International Constitution.

SECTION 2. All Local Union Officers, Shift Stewards, Members of various committees, and other members handling funds or property of the Union, shall at the completion of their duties, turn over all papers, documents, funds and/or other Union property to the proper constituted Union Officers.

SECTION 3. The fiscal year of the Local Union shall be from January 1 to December 31, both dates inclusive.

SECTION 4. The number of delegates to a convention and/or conference from this Local Union shall be held to the minimum number necessary to cast a full vote of the Local Union, subject to membership approval.


SECTION 1. In case of a death occurring in a member's immediate family, the Local Union will give a Bible or a memorial stone to each member. The immediate family will be defined as the member, life-partner/s, parent, parent of current life-partner/s, child, sibling, step-child.

The Local Union will send a sympathy card for member's grandparents, their life-partners' grandparents, grandchildren, step-grandchildren ,step-sibling, stepparent, stepchild, ,half-sibling, sibling-in-law and child-in-law. In the event of the death of a retired member, a bible or memorial stone will be sent to the family upon request.


SECTION 1. No agent or official of the Local Union is authorized to execute a real-estate lease, deed, service or maintenance contract or other long-term agreement unless the proposed agreement has been reviewed by an outside expert or attorney and approved by the Local Union Executive Board.


SECTION 1. Local 2021 Union Hall shall be designated at 1675 N Union St. Fostoria, OH, 44830.

This is a non-smoking facility.

Only members of the Executive Board and Bargaining Chairpersons may designate who shall have keys to the facility. No key may be copied or duplicated without explicit permission of the Executive Board.

The Union hall shall be rentable by both members and non-members. All renters must complete the rental agreement that has been approved by the general membership.

No equipment shall be rented/borrowed/taken without the approval of the executive board.

Routine upkeep, maintenance and improvements are mandatory. The Union Hall may not fall into a state of disrepair.

All Union Hall related maintenance, upkeep, care and expenditures shall be taken out of the Building Fund. Building Fund to be replenished by the General Fund.

Contractors may be approved by the Executive Board if the expenditure does not exceed five hundred ($500) dollars or in the case of emergency repairs/maintenance. Expenditures that exceed five hundred ($500) dollars, besides emergency repairs/maintenance, must be approved by the general membership.


SECTION 1. These By-Laws shall be revised, amended or altered only in conformity with the following procedure:

(A)  A resolution or motion in writing, calling for amendment, shall be presented and read at a regular membership meeting. It must be seconded.

(B)  The resolution or motion shall then be referred to the By-Laws Committee and shall be reported at the next regular membership meeting, with the recommendations od the committee.

(C)  A vote shall then be taken on those recommendations and it shall require a vote of two-thirds (2/3) of those voting for adoption.

SECTION 2. The By-Laws of the Local Union shall at all times be subordinate and subject to the provisions of the Constitution of the International Union as such Constitution now exists or may from 6rne to time be altered or amended: and in the event of any conflict, the Constitution of the International Union shall govern.