Standing Committees

To all UAW Local 647 members, we are looking for members to get involved with our standing committees. Our union works better when you get involved. If you have an interest contact your committee person.

Union Label: Educates members about the products and services we buy and encourages people to but union-made.

Education-Union Involvement: Works with local union leadership to provide classes, materials, information and involvement to help build our union's power.

Conservation and Recreation: Provides recreation activities and educates members on the importance of protecting our environment.

Community Services: Assists members during worksite closings, strikes, layoffs, and other hardships.

Civil and Human Rights: Guards our "No Discrimination" policy and works to eliminate discrimination in the workplace and beyond.

Consumer Affairs: Ensures members consume safe and honest products and provides education on consumer pitfalls.

Veterans: Advocates for all active and retired UAW veterans through leadership, guidance, and education.

Womens's: Provide leadership and training for women to get active in their locals and rise to leadership positions.

Chaplaincy: The UAW Chaplains here to serve you. If you need prayer or have a prayer request, please don`t hesitate to contact us. We`re counting on each one of you to help us stay informed.