UAW Constitution

The Constitution of the UAW is the highest law
of our union. It provides the foundation for
the day-to-day operations of our great union,
and equally important, it sets forth the rights,
guarantees and responsibilities of all UAW

The UAW`s Constitution expresses our union`s
values and vision of a democratic society that
embraces economic and social justice for all
people. It unites us in solidarity and strengthens
our union.

We are proud of our Constitution and our power
to stand together and adopt and abide by these
guiding principles that determine our union’s
path and its future.

This document, adopted at the UAW`s 37th
Constitutional Convention, reminds us that we
are called to participate meaningfully in making
positive decisions affecting our communities
and our nation. I urge you to carefully study
our Constitution and apply its principles in your
daily life, both as a member of a great democratic
union and as a citizen in a democratic society.

Click here to download a copy of the UAW Constitution adopted in June of 2018.

In Solidarity,
Rory L. Gamble
International Union, UAW