Strike! Part 2: What to Do If It Occurs

     If our local does go on strike, there are a few steps everyone must take. If you are at work when the strike is called, you are to stop what you are doing, grab all your belongings, and leave the grounds. No one will be allowed on the company’s premises once a strike is called. There will be an area where we will all meet up. Everyone will be placed on a schedule on when they are expected to be on the strike line, which will mirror what your regular work schedule is. To receive the strike pay, you will need to show up and sign in when scheduled. The strike pay starts on the first day of the strike and it is $500 a week ($100 per day). We will need to show up and show out if and when a strike is called. We will need to show the company that we deserve what we are asking for, and we will stand together to get it!