Standing Committees

Standing Committees work in conjunction with our executive board to implement our union's policies and shared values. Through shared interests, we are able to work together to achieve common goals. We are more than just what we do for a living. By joining a committee, you can bring your shared views, concerns, and ideas to accomplish many great things that are beneficial to you and your fellow union members. If you are interested in joining a committee, we highly encourage you to come to the next union meeting to start the process.

Members include:

1. Stephen Hightower

2. Willie Mae Davis-Tucker

3. Monica Sutton

This committee monitors the social conscience of companies to ensure members consume safe and honest products and services and are not targeted by scams and hoaxes.

Members include:

1. Douglas Willems

This committee works to further the gains of women in the workplace and society. They inform and educate to broaden the scope of traditional women's roles and push for change.

Members include:

1. Josephine Wheeler

2. Cynthia Ceasar

3. Monica Sutton

This committee represents the interests of all active and retired UAW veterans and their families. They are dedicated to advocating for the political and social concerns of veterans, such as dependent care, disabilities, benefits, and more.

Members include:

1. Anthony Lampley

This committee helps to emphasize the importance of supporting goods and services produced by union members under the union-won working conditions. This helps educate and push for union-made products and services to ensure our livelihoods and the economic stability of our communities.

This committee is responsible for building power of the movement through educating and training members of their local. Education aims to provide information and tools for each member to engage with our union in their current role.

Members include:

1. Stacey McClelland - Chairman

This committee monitors the required local union bylaw amendment procedure to ensure compliance with the current bylaws and constitutional provisions. The members are responsible for submittings original and amended bylaw provisions to the membership for discussion and approval.

There are two parts to this committee: conservation, which includes environmental concerns, and recreation, which includes leisure activities. This committee can put together outings such as bowling leagues, sports events, and such.

This committee performs the critical task of helping members and their families in times of need. This committee works through public and private organizations to ensure that members faced with emergencies get relief when needed.

Members include:

1. Carolynn Powell

Our commitment to civil rights is at the core of who UAW is. This committee is the essential guardian of our union's "No Discrimination" policy.

We must be involved in politics if we are to protect and expand our rights as working people.