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If you’re a new member of the UAW, the New Member issue of Solidarity magazine will help give you a better understanding of how our organization f

Before you react, just let this list marinate in your mind for a few minutes.

How does this list make you feel? Angry? Guilty? Frustrated? Amused? Or you don’t care either way?

     If our local does go on strike, there are a few steps everyone must take. If you are at work when the strike is called, you are to stop what you are doing, grab all your belongings, and leave the grounds. No one will be allowed on the company’s premises once a strike is called. There will be an area where we will all meet up. Everyone will be placed on a schedule on when they are expected to be on the strike line, which will mirror what your regular work schedule is. To receive the strike pay, you will need to show up and sign in when scheduled.

There are two classes of legal strikes: economic strikes and unfair labor practices (ULP).

January – March: Bargaining Committee gathered information from the membership through surveys.

April – June: The Committee along with Regional and International reps start to put together proposals based on the survey results.

July: Bargaining Committee meets with the company to start the give and take fight. The company will be focused on getting the most out of the employees at the cheapest price while the union will fight for improvements for the members in a fair, enforceable contract.

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We are excited to bring you the latest edition of this historic publication. Solidarity Magazine has long been a wonderful tool to inform UAW members of all the happenings going on, not only in our union, but across the labor movement.

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Our contract is a legally binding document that the union negotiates with the company on our behalf. The time length usually varies from local to local, but our contract is five years. The contract lays out how the company and union will perform for the duration set forth. Because of the language in our contract, the company was able to extend it for another year, until August 11, 2023. We encourage everyone to start carefully reading the contract and highlighting and/or making note of things you wish to see changed for the new contract.

A Union is an organization intent on maintaining and/or improving working conditions. As a union, we negotiate terms and conditions for a contract with the company. The executive board and reps are chosen to continue the improvements and make sure the company abides by the contract. They fight on our behalf on a daily basis.

‘Unity (as of a group or class) that produces or is based on community of interests, objectives, and standards’

                                -  Merriam-Webster definition

What do you think of when you hear ‘solidarity’? Do you think of major movements, such as Women’s Rights Marches or the Black Lives Matter movement? Do you think of moments at work where you and your co-workers stood together to be heard? What about more personal experiences, such as rallying behind a loved one fighting cancer or bringing awareness to gun violence, autism, and so on?