Union Starts With You!

A Union is an organization intent on maintaining and/or improving working conditions. As a union, we negotiate terms and conditions for a contract with the company. The executive board and reps are chosen to continue the improvements and make sure the company abides by the contract. They fight on our behalf on a daily basis.

            However, the strength comes from the members: YOU. The union starts with each one of us. As a whole, we can achieve so much! You reap what you put in it. The more active each of us is, the more powerful we are. Some ideas to become more active include:

  • Attend union meetings (They are one day a month for an hour or two but are important.)
  • Join a standing committee (There are 10 different ones to choose from.)
  • Take the UAW Online Academy courses to learn more about our union. (Such topics include UAW core values, strikes, history of the labor movement, bargaining, and so on.)
  • Wear red on Wednesdays (or Fridays for C crew)
  • Mentor new employees