Advisory Councils

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In the words of Walter Reuther, “There is no greater calling than to serve your fellow men. There is no greater contribution than to help the weak.

The UAW Region 2B Women's Advisory Council works diligently to educate members about issues that a relevent to union women in the workplace.  They publish a  newsletter with information that is useful and timely for UAW women.

To view/download/print the Women's Advisory Council's March 2022 Newsletter, click HERE.

Here, you can find past issues of the Region 2B Union Label Advisory Council's quarterly newsletter:

Check out the UAW Region 2B Union Label Advisory Council's Fall 2021 Newsletter!

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The mission of the Region 2B UAW Women's Advisory Council is to secure and improve the standard of living, working conditions, and social justice for ALL workers, and to continue to educate, organize, and strengthen the unity of our members. To fight for women’s issues that affect them within the workplace, local community, and political forms. To dedicate ourselves to mentoring, leadership development, and social events focused on upward mobility all women and our unions growth.


The mission of the UAW Region 2B Veterans Advisory Council is to seek and represent the interest of all active and retired UAW members who are veterans of the military and their families. We are dedicated to responding to the political and social needs of veterans by providing leadership, guidance and education on matters of concern to all veterans. We shall strive to build and enhance the confidence and dignity, which all veterans are entitled to share in for having served their country and belonging to their strong and democratic Union.

The mission of this UAW Region 2B Council is to coordinate the activities of all UAW Local Unions and Units of amalgamated Local Unions within Region 2B who have technical, office, and professional members. In addition, this council is responible for the following:

The objectives of this UAW region 2B Skilled Trades Advisory Council are to assist with organizing, improvement of working conditions, increase of wages and to strive towards standardization of contracts and apprenticeship programs.  Also, to bring about a better understanding of the common problems and concerns of skilled trades persons across Region 2B by our exchange of views and information.  Furthermore, we strive to share best practices and successes in an effort to increase job security for our current Journeypersons and provide opportunities for the next generation of Tradespeople.