Regional News

Over the last several months, there have been concerns about fraudulent activity on or changes to unemployment benefits accounts in the state of Ohio.

Now, the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services has created a new process to help individuals to get their money back.

If this happened to you, you can request reimbursement, and that request will initiate the process in the unemployment system. Individuals who believe they were victims of an account takeover can call 1-877-644-6562 to request reimbursement.

UAW members at Locals 12 and 2213 (Toledo, OH) have reason to celebrate this weekend as they have ratified their respective collective bargaining agreements with Mercy Health Systems by large margins.

  • UAW Local 12 (Technical Unit) – 96%
  • UAW Local 12 (Service Unit) – 97%
  • UAW Local 2213 (Professional Registered Nurses) – 88%

Congratulations to the members and everyone involved in these negotiations!

Congratulations to Uaw Local 863's Quality Plus Containment Unit on successfully negotiating their first contract! QPC workers organized and became a part of the UAW in December 2020.

Seen in photo from left to right:  UAW Local 863 President Tod Turner, UAW Local 863 - QPC Committeeman Shombay Osume, UAW Local 863 - QPC Chairman John Whatley, and UAW Region 2B Servicing Representative Dave Mason.

Indiana and Ohio have websites in place for workers who have been displaced by the Coronavirus.  Please see links below: