Ultium Workers Join UAW

Working in concert with others at your workplace to form a union is a right afforded to Americans under the National Labor Relations Act, however, organizing your workplace is never easy.  Companies and corporations, large and small, rarely welcome the concept of workers uniting to stand up for protections in the workplace.

What workers at Ultium in Lordstown, OH have achieved was no small feat.  They refused to give up or to let the company divide them with delays and stall tactics. And the UAW was there to support them all the way.

“Region 2B has stood with Ultium workers since the moment they said they wanted to form their organizing committees,” adds UAW Region 2B Director Wayne Blanchard. “Their hard work and the support of Region 2B members and staff have led to this powerful victory. Special thanks to the retirees of Local 1112 who would open the hall at any hour to help Ultium workers meet.”

Director Blanchard congratulates these new UAW members at Ultium, as well as Tony Atha, Darren Burgy, Brian Cole, Dan Huddleston, Petra Jameson and all the other UAW Organizers who assisted in the drive and whose hard-work ensured this important victory.  Welcome to the UAW Region 2B Family!


In Solidarity,

Wayne Blanchard

Director UAW Region 2B