UAW urges Senators to Vote NO on Senate Joint Resolution 38, sponsored by Sen. Rubio.

This resolution would overturn the Buy America waiver that temporarily waives the domestic content requirements for the steel, iron, manufactured products, and construction materials used in Electric Vehicle charging stations until July 2024.

The UAW is comprised of over one million active and retired members. Over 200,000 UAW members work at final assembly and auto parts plants making vehicles, engines, transmissions, stampings, axles, drivelines, seats, interiors, and various other components. This includes thousands of UAW members who build electric vehicles and EV battery cells. Additionally, over 2,000 UAW members produce the steel and components used in EV charging stations.

Waivers to domestic production requirements are unnecessary and undermine the domestic industrial policy goals of the Inflation Reduction Act. Such waivers should only be considered on a case-by-case basis, for narrow and time-limited situations. The public should have the ability to weigh in before waivers are granted.

Yet repealing this waiver could open the floodgates for EV charging stations to a much broader Federal Highway Administration general waiver of Buy America requirements for all manufactured products. This general waiver would subject EV charging stations to fewer domestic content requirements than the repealed waiver and would remove the final assembly requirement. This resolution would result in fewer domestic content requirements for EV charging stations, and with our other union sisters and brothers in the IBEW and US Steelworkers, the UAW urges a NO vote on SJR 38.

Please take a few minutes to contact Senators Sherod Brown or Senator JD Vance for Ohio and Senator Todd Young or Senator Mike Braun for Indiana and ask them to vote no on SJR 38. The US Capital Switchboard number is (202) 224-3121.