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Care about jobs and the future of your community? Angry about sweatshops and the exploitation of children? Resolute that looking for the union label is as important today as it was 40 years ago?

BuildBuyUSA is launching a video contest called “Make it in the USA” to recognize creative takes on how our economy can work for all of us when we put consumers and communities first.

Celebrate the Victories of the Past, the Promise of the Future The hours are brutally long; overtime pay doesn’t exist. Workplace safety is unheard of. Limbs are lost, and yet the machines grind on, indifferent to your suffering. Do you want to keep your job and feed your family? Your boss wants his roof repaired and a gift of his favorite liquor, too

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NAFTA—to put it bluntly—was terrible for working families in the United States, as well as our allies to the north and south, Canada and Mexico. The terrible deal triggered job losses, closed auto factories, depressed wages and more power for corporations across all three countries.

Fill out the comment form to tell the U.S. Trade Representative why working families must be prioritized in future trade deals. We provided talking points below for you to use in crafting your own statement

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The Fall Leadership Institute is open to all workers, union or non-union members, and leaders from a variety of organizations to learn together about new ideas, strategies and skills to meet the needs and challenges facing workers in our ever-changing workplaces.  We welcome participants from all genders and all cultural or ethnic backgrounds.

Please click on links below for workshop descriptions and registration forms.


The Internal Revenue Service Code sets forth Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA) taxes on wages earned.  FICA taxes consist of the Old-Age, Survivors and Disability Insurance tax (OASDI) (referred to as Social Security) and the Hospital Insurance tax (HI) (referred to as Medicare).  These taxes are imposed on both the employer and employee.

The 2019 rate for Social Securtiy tax remains at 6.2% and will be withheld until an employee's gross wages reach $132,900.00.  The employer's share remains 6.2%.

Labor 2018​ is underway in Ohio! The stakes are too high ​in this Election for working people to sit out. Join us as we speak up together for a phone bank or door-to-door canvass!

Please see phone bank schedule and canvass sign up sheets below: