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We are excited to annouce the winners of the 2022 Region 2B Bowling Tournament! Thank you to everyone who participated.

We greatly appreciate all of your contributions and congratulations to our winners!

If you are a retired member in Indiana or Ohio and have questions or concerns, please contact your state's respective Retiree Representative.

From trade policy to health care, education to retirement security, taxes to roads and highways, politics affects our daily lives. That's why it's essential for working families to make our voices heard in local, state and national politics. And one of the most effective ways to do that is by contributing to our union's voluntary political action committee -- UAW V-CAP.

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The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) awarded the $6 billion contract for the next generation of postal vehicles to Oshkosh Defense, a company with a reputation for tough military trucks built with union labor with just a small number of electric vehicles on order.

But instead of using this opportunity to expand quality jobs under a decades-old union contract, the company plans to refurbish a vacant warehouse in another state and build these vehicles without a commitment to union wages or representation.

Let’s Build Back Better and put letter carriers in union-made vehicles that are good for the planet. Add your name and sign the petition if you agree.

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The Region 2B, UAW Leadership and Advisory Council Meeting (Chaplaincy, Civil & Human Rights, Community Services, Education, IPS/Competitive Shops, Skilled Trades, Technical Office & Professional (TOP), Union Label, Veterans and Women's) will be held on Tuesday, October 11 through Thursday, October 13, 2022, at Sawmill Creek Resort, 400 Sawmill Creek Drive, Huron, OH 44839.

As auto companies shift rapidly to EV production, and with Big 3 bargaining right around the corner, we must expand the voice and power of auto workers across the industry.

UAW Region 2B is proud to announce that this year, UAW Region 2B will be holding our first ever Union Involvement Conference at the Walter and May Reuther UAW Family Education Center (2000 Maxon Road, Onaway, Michigan). The goal of this conference is to encourage the education and involvement of all members – regardless of their role within our union. The dates for this conference will be:
Sunday, September 11 – Friday, September 16, 2022

You can find more information in the official call letter by clicking here:

"The vote is precious. It is almost sacred. It is the most powerful non-violent tool we have in a democracy." -John Lewis

There’s a direct relationship between the ballot box and the bread box, and what the union fights for and wins at the bargaining table can be taken away in the legislative halls.

–Walter Reuther, UAW Constitutional Convention 1970