Director Blanchard would like to congratulate the winners of the 2019 V-CAP drawing.  He would also like to thank everyone who purchased V-CAP tickets in an effort to raise funds to support labor friendly political candidates.  Click the link below to see the full list of winners.

UAW Region 2B 2019 V‐CAP Ticket Drawing
March 2020

Sisters and Brothers,

Usually during this time period, we have our Regional V‐CAP ticket
drawing and announce the winners for our V‐CAP ticket sales. Due to
circumstances surrounding the COVID‐19 Virus the drawing has been put
on hold.

As soon as it is safely possible, the drawing will take place. Please
continue to monitor the UAW Region 2B social media pages for further

Becoming a member of the Platinum Club is automatic for those active Region 2B members who voluntarily contribute $300 or greater annually to UAW Community Action Programs (CAP).

CAP dollars are used to support the of worker-friendly candidates in both state and federal elections.

Retirees are not left out! A UAW Region 2B retired worker can become a member of the Platinum Club for $60.00/year.

You will receive a premium gift with your contribution.

To become a UAW Region 2B Retired Worker Platinum Club member, simply complete the form below and return it with a check (no cash, please) for $60 to UAW-CAP, at the address on the form.

Click on link for 2019 Retiree VCAP Gift Flyer and Platinum Club Form.

If you are a retired UAW member and would like to continue to protect your benefits and secure your family's future through voluntary contributions to UAW V-CAP via payroll deduction/Check-Off, from your pension check, you can do so easily:

First, make sure your collective bargaining agreement contains a Check-Off provision for retirees. Check with the Chairman of your Retired Worker Chapter if you are unsure.

Next download and print the attached form, complete and sign it.


Each Region 2B member can and is encouraged to contribute to UAW-CAP - $1 per pay, $5 per month, $50 annually...whatever amount or time-frame that works for you...

If you are an active UAW member and would like to make voluntary contributions to UAW V-CAP via payroll deduction/Check-Off you can do so easily:

First, make sure your collective bargaining agreement contains a Check-Off provision. Check with your Steward or Committee-person if you are unsure.

Next download and print the attached form, complete and sign it.


From trade policy to health care, education to retirement security, taxes to roads and highways, politics affects our daily lives.

That's why it's essential for working families to make our voices heard in local, state and national politics. And one of the most effective ways to do that is by contributing to our union's voluntary political action committee -- UAW V-CAP