Retired Workers

If you are a retired member in Indiana or Ohio and have questions or concerns, please contact your state's respective Retiree Representative.

A new procedure to request insurance carrier vendor speakers at Retired Worker Chapter meetings has been announced and is effective immediately.

Periodically a local union discovers they have enough interest among retirees to form a Retired Worker Chapter.

Once a group of retirees has been convened and determines they want to go forward, use the attached form to apply to the UAW Secretary-Treasurer's Office for an Official Retired Worker Chapter Charter.

To view the bylaws for the UAW Region 2B Retired Workers Council, click here: PDF icon region_2b_retired_workers_council_bylaws.pdf

Region 2B Retired Worker Council Executive Board Officers

CHAIRMAN: Ted Fleming -  Local 211

VICE-CHAIRMAN: Charlie Sheppard -  Local 1226

RECORDING SECRETARY: Mike Palmer - Local 1050

INDIANA CHAIR: Jim King - Local 663

OHIO CHAIR: Bob Masterson - Local 1005


  • Ron Bendixon - Local 685
  • Geraldine Born - Local 1040
  • Marjorie Chambers - Local 1005
  • Brenda Smith - Local 1111