Region 2B Online Academy

The UAW Region 2B Online Academy is a web-based educational tool where members can log-in and learn about their union at their own pace and on their own schedule. Courses will vary and will be offered throughout the year. For an overview of the Online Academy, see the video, below.

Workshops are broken down into three categories: Building Our Union (all members), Leading for Change (leadership positions), and Standing Together (standing committee members).  Click here for a downloadable flyer to promote the Online Academy to your membership: PDF icon Online Academy Flyer - Autumn 2021




UAW Basics

Roles of Officers

Strategic Planning to Grow Your Standing Committee

UAW 101

Leading with Vision

Keys to Effective Standing Committees

UAW V-CAP Program

Effective Union Meetings

Strengthening Our Union

Union Meetings & Me

Building Unionists

Community Services

Money Matters – Budget Planning for Life

UAW Core Values

*Disaster Preparedness

Money Matters Pt. 2 – Consumer Tips

Member-2-Member in a Digital Age

*Layoffs, Closings & Strikes

Globalization 101

Money Matters – Budget Planning for Life

Consumer Affairs

Understanding Grievances

Money Matters – Consumer Tips

Conservation & Recreation

Understanding Bargaining


Effective Education Committees

Understanding Strikes


Union Label

Lessons from Labor History



UAW Core Values



It Starts with Me



Talkin’ Union



 The Online Academy will be held in three annual sessions; Autumn, Winter, and Spring. Call letters will be shared in the usual manner for these online educational opportunities.  However, if a local has a specific need/request for the Online Academy, the local union President should contact their Region 2B International Servicing Representative or they may contact the Region 2B Education Coordinator at 419-893-4677.