Retired Workers

If you are a retired member in Indiana or Ohio and have questions or concerns, please contact your state's respective Retiree Representative.

A new procedure to request insurance carrier vendor speakers at Retired Worker Chapter meetings has been announced and is effective immediately.

Periodically a local union discovers they have enough interest among retirees to form a Retired Worker Chapter.

Once a group of retirees has been convened and determines they want to go forward, use the attached form to apply to the UAW Secretary Treasurer's Office for an Official Retired Worker Chapter Charter.

Region 2B Retired Worker Council Executive Board Officers

CHAIRMAN: Ted Fleming -  Local 211

VICE-CHAIRMAN: Charlie Sheppard -  Local 1226

RECORDING SECRETARY: Larry Doyle - Local 1050

INDIANA CHAIR: Jim King - Local 663

OHIO CHAIR: Bob Masterson - Local 1005


  • Jo An Matney - Local 12
  • Ron Bendixon - Local 685
  • Geraldine Born - Local 1040
  • Brenda Smith - Local 1111
  • Vernon Massengile - Local 1112