The Proof is in the "VIN Number"

It can be confusing out there, because unfortunately, even though the vehicle carries a "Big Three" name plate, there is no longer a guarantee that it hs been made in America, or even by our union brothers and sisters.

Until the auto-makers step up and do what is right by bringing our work back into the United States or Canada, we have to do a little detective work when making that important vehicle decision.

Here are 2 quick tips for quickly recognizing an American made or Union made vehicle:

Check the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN number). VIN numbers are located in the dashboard or door jamb of vehicles. You may need a flashlight to see it clearly. Vehicles displaying a VIN number beginning with a 1, 2, 4 or 5 signify the vehicle is American made/Union made.
Click here for a complete listing of cars, trucks & vans made by Union Members
in the United States (UAW) and Canada (CAW).
Remember that when visiting our Walter and May Reuther Family Education Center (Black Lake) unless your vehicle displays one of the VIN numbers above, you will be required to park in the "foreign car lot."