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Congratulations And Thanks To All Who Engaged in and Supported The Fight Against Right To Work Is Wrong In West Chester Township

On January 24, 2017 Union and Community activists in Southwest Ohio gathered at UAW Local 863 Hall, prior to attending the West Chester Township Trustee meeting, where TeaParty Township Trustees George Lang and Mark Welch were pushing Right to Work is Wrong (RTWIW) in the Township.

Activist filled the Township hall to capacity, stood shoulder to shoulder in the Lobby, and filled sidewalks outside the hall, while members of West Chester spoke in opposition to Lang and Welch's RTWIW effort. We thank Trustee Lee Wong for standing in solid opposition to his fellow Trustee's misguided extremist effort.

Those who called and wrote letters to the Trustees, spoke in opposition to RTWIW, and attended the Trustee meeting, clearly made a difference. Your collective voices, activism, and litigation resulted in a significant victory. Congratulations to all who engaged in and supported this fight. You made us all proud!

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