Region 2-B


Greetings Brothers and Sisters:

The Region 2B Retired Workers Council meeting will be held:

Wednesday, April 12, 2017
Sawmill Creek Resort
400 Sawmill Road, Huron, OH 44839

This letter is being sent to the chairperson only. It is the responsibility of the chairperson to notify their other board members. You may duplicate this letter.

This meeting is limited to the top four officers (chairperson, vice chairperson, recording secretary and financial secretary) per each chapter and their spouses. If a top four officer is unable to attend, another member of the chapter’s Executive Board may attend as a substitute.

Registration will be held Wednesday morning, April 12th, from 9:00 am until 9:50 am.

The meeting will be called to order at 10:00 am. The director’s lunch will be served at 12 noon and the meeting will reconvene at 1:00 pm.

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Link to International's UAW Retiree page 

The bylaws of the Region 2B Retired Workers Council have been approved and are now available online. Download them here.

 Region 2-B Retiree Executive Board Officers


Retired and just realized you forgot to sign a Retiree Voluntary Dues Check-Off card on your way out of the plant?

It's not too late...

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Interested in forming a Retired Worker Chapter? Find out how here.

A new procedure to request insurance carrier vendor speakers at Retired Worker Chapter meetings has been announced and is effective immediately.


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Find the links to Region 2-B Retired Worker websites here.

Find out more about the Alliance for Retired Americans here or click this link to go directly to their website.

Traveling somewhere warm this winter or permanently re-located?

Look up the nearest UAW Retiree Drop-In Center for information and hospitality.

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